Rubber Heels &  Soles

Fair Shoe Repair offers heels and half soles of the brand Fair. Fair products are made of  longlife quality not slippery rubber for a fair price. 

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Shoe Care & Protection


Innovative products that will satisfy your needs for fast, easy and qualitative shoe maintenance. Suitable for daily use.

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Sheets & Strips

Longlife quality Rubber and EVA sheets and strips in different surfaces, colours and hardnesses.

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Soon you will disocver our brand new innovative products more...


Fair Shoe Care is a partner of BioNanoN nanocleaning and protection. Soon we wil bring a new line nano cleaning and protection products on the market. The shoe repairder can make with these products shoes, leather and textile, Never Wet & Easy to Clean more...

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Fair Shoe Repair

Fair Shoe Repair supplies Fair Longlife Quality materials for high quality repairs to fair prices. Fair Shoe Repair works together with leading rubber factories like Rubex NV in Belgium. 

The factories are well equiped and have their own compound production and labatory. They all have decenia of experience and are prefered suppliers to many customers for many years.

Together with them we have developed a line of shoe repair products with the Fair brand logo. The products are manufactured out of high quality non slippery rubber and are easy to use by shoe makers all over the world. The Fair brand will be known by your customers for: 

FAIR - Longlife Quality Material - High Quality Repair - Fair price